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Stm32f4 vs stm32f7


STM32F4 may be larger and smarter but it doesn't have any internal crystal for clock pulse. It has four external clock pulse pins two they are used for 32KHz crystal and the other two are used for High-frequency crystal. The crystal can be used up to 50MHz on that pin but after 25MHz it becomes tricky to handle the crystal.

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But both have hardware floating-point abilities and they're blazing fast. The boards offer a MEMS accelerometer for prototyping. But the Discovery-F3 also contains a gyroscope while the.

Aligning functions to 32 byte boundaries helps in boosting and stabilizing the performance of the benchmarks. It removes the difference in performance between the different f7 subfamilies from the shift in IRQ lines. However, due to a bug in GCC, it doesn't play nicely together with -Os.

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